note opacity in different scores

Hello all,

In order to hide note heads during glissandi I’ve been setting opacity to 0%. Everything seems fine until I make a different version of the score (I need one compressed onto A3 and another larger font version on A4) whereupon all the note heads reappear in the new version of the score but remain ‘hidden’ in the first. Strange. Does anyone have an idea why this is and how I can fix it (apart from individually for every such note, which I’ve already done the first time around).

Images attached.

Best, Michael
Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 17.17.37.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 17.17.52.png

Did you make sure you enabled the “color” when printing to PDF ? I think that option is compulsory to have the items properly “opacitized”…
If it is not the same layout you’re printing, but a new layout, it might be necessary to redo the opacity operation on every note, since that might not be synch’ed between layouts

Good thought Marc, thanks, but color was selected when printing…hmmm…in any case, yes, it’s a new layout but the same notes so surely thing like opacity would be carried over? best, Michael

Nope. Opacity is Layout-specific (which suits people who use it to hide stuff in the score that they want to show in the parts, or vice-versa).

Ah, OK, that makes sense. Wrong assumption. Pain though. Might be worth a dialogue option when creating the new layout, no?

Best, Michael

Dear Michael,

This is a subject that has been quite extensively discussed on the forum. The devs know that it would be really great to have an option where the user can tell whether the modified properties should apply to this Layout only or to all Layouts. This is true for opacity, for modifications on beamings, spellings, slurs… anything we can change and want to see/ don’t want to see changed in parts. Let’s hope this level of control will come as fast as possible, it would be a really powerful tool.

Thanks Marc.