Note (or rather, Music) Transformations / "Reflowing"

This forum has gotten into a real amazing start in less than 24 hrs, so I apologize if the following, or similar, has been asked tangentially in some of the discussions this far. But a concrete example came up in the Finnish composers’ forum.

1) Will Dorico be able to take a selection of five 16th notes/semiquavers and turn them into a quintuplet (like the Sibelius plug-in “Make Into Tuplet” does, pictured), making the music following it reflow as intelligently as possible? (I’m guessing “yes”)

2) Will Dorico be able to do 1) but for multiple staves at once? E.g. to a written orchestral tutti of 16th notes, same rhythm on every instrument, which is selected vertically and then turned into a triplet/tuplet/other rhythm (e.g. “straightened” from a syncope, tuplet made in “regular notes” etc.) in one go?

We don’t actually have an exposed bit of user interface to turn a selection of notes into a tuplet yet, but it’s definitely the sort of thing Dorico is designed to be able to do, so I expect we will be able to add this at some point.

You can already e.g. remove notes from a tuplet by selecting the tuplet number or bracket and deleting it, which unscales all the notes that were previously in the tuplet (and either overwrites the following notes, or not, based on whether Insert is engaged in the note input toolbox).