Note pad on stereo out

A simple little question: Can we have a notepad on the stereo output channel (output channels in general) also?

In the mixer it is possible for each channel to add notes in the note pad but not for the output channel. I tend to put notes on the setting of the hardware in the note pad. I usually have something on the master but there is no notepad. I can off course put it on any other channel but it seems so logical to note it down on the applicable channel!

+1 for the Notepad being available for the Main Stereo Out Channel in the Mixconsole.

FYI… there is a notepad available for the Main Stereo Out Channel in the inspector. I use it all the time.

Regards. :sunglasses:

There are several things like this where you can do stuff to I/O channels in the Project Window but not in the MixConsole. Track Pictures are another you can add (and only see the pic) in the Project Window but not Mixconsole. :cry:

I’m pretty confident not only the master will have a working notepad, but the input tracks as well.

And pictures O Sage One?

Yes, I’m pretty sure.

What kind of pic would you put on a master out? Cowboy riding a horse into the sunset?