Note Performance loading problem

Hei, I now that this topic isn´t maybe commonly related to forum here… but I experience problems with reloading NotePerformance to my new pc and every time it is asking me about allowance to make changes on pc and after loading I dont find the program. Sound is bad in playback although playback template is set to NP…
Any suggestions? I was asking before in another topic if I should uninstall all from my old pc but I did not get response… Does it matter or not?
Thanks for help

Hi, would you please do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? From that I get a first overview and come with further advice.

You don’t need to uninstall from your old computer: that won’t be having any impact on how things are working on your new one.

Thank you for response. Merry Christmas :evergreen_tree: :grinning:

Dorico (174.8 KB)
Thanks for help

Are you trying to run Dorico with administrator privileges? You don’t need to.

I am not sure what you mean, but no, I don´t

According to the logs Dorico does recogniye NotePerformer, it does not get blacklisted or so, but if you load a project and the audio engine tries to load NotePerformer it simply fails to do so for reasons I do not know. What are those alerts that you get do look like exactly, can you maybe do screenshots. Thanks

Hi again, thanks that you are spending your time tonight to help me… I cannot see any alerts while NP is opening, the new pc makes this very quickly now,
(2 sec…) but what is strange almost every time when I open playback template settings play mode is on hal…sonic SE again alghough I turned it on to NP… maybe that´s a reason the sound is so uggly… thanks for help

All very strange. What if you start with a new project from piano template, enter few notes and then go to Play mode and choose the NotePerformer playback template, does it then work as expected? If not please do another diagnostic report. Thanks

Dorico (214.4 KB)
Unfortunately the same …
and… when I write down music I can hear the sound while writing even this is swiched off on pc…
Its´s now little bit too much … I am frustrated. I have bought really expesive pc with 16 GB ram for not to experience troubles with sound or quality any more …
What to do?

Thanks for the new diagnostics. So your project Eleven seems to be corrupted somehow, because when it tries to load NotePerformer it fails, but if you start a new project from scratch, then NotePerformer just loads fine.
You say that you have terrible sound then. Can you describe that in a bit more detail? Is the sound stuttering or dropping out? Have you tried increasing the buffer size in the driver’s Control Panel? For that go to Edit > Device Setup and click the Control Panel button, a new little window appears. In there move the slider for the buffer size to the right. Does playback get better?
If not, could you make a simple audio recording of the sound (e.g. with a Smart Phone), zip it up and post here so that I can get impression of what it sounds like.

Can you export the troublesome file to XML and then import it into a new Dorico project, at least to generate your audio?

It looks like sound is ok from XLM when playing back

Ulf, it looks all problems with sound are the past fortunately!! It was ASIO switched on which generated strange backgrounds effects like clikking or so. I shall contact you if would meet any problems again. Maybe it was also problem of learning to use new pc …I dont know but thank you any way for time you have spent to help me.
Still Mery Christmas

It looks it was ASIO switched on which generated strange noise in background. Sound is ok now. Thanks for help :slight_smile: