Note Performer Engine BBCSO CORE and Dorico

Hello i have trouble when i try to use Np Engine with Dorico.
First i open np playback engine and i select 1 violin 1 viola 1 cello from BBCSO Core
Open dorico (for example i want a string trio) the playback template is on Silence.
I select in Dorico 1 violin 1 viola and 1 cello
The mixer of Note Performer show the sound of note performer but the mixer does not have the white outline indicating that np engine is connected to Dorico.
Where am I wrong? Thanks for the help

You do change your Playback Template from Silence to Noteperfomer, right?

Even when using NPPE, one needs to choose the NP Playback Template.

BBC Core has no solo strings, that’s why…

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Ok, now works. I open Dorico choose players ( no solo player), apply Note performer playback template, then open np engine and finally appear white line in the note peformer mixer. I am left with only one doubt. If I open the BBCSO plug-in from np engine I don’t see the plug-in interact with the playback. Is that correct?

Yes, that’s normal.

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