Note Performer/Other VST Combined is Crashing Dorico & Mac

Hello All, I am new to the forum, and so glad to have this as a resource!

Long story short, Dorico has been working well, until recently. I made a big project with many flows and instruments (a relatively simple project).

I have only ever used audio in Dorico for note-check. Not sure I have set up the audio aspect correctly. My impression is that it is plug and play - at least that you can’t set it up so that it will freeze the program. Recently got Note Performer. Was glad to hear that one can use other VSTs alongside it, say, to combine Vienna Synchron inst. with it.

Now it crashes repeatedly and immediately upon saving or doing anything with the file. Crashed my Mac, and had to hard restart. I have been corresponding with tech help and we tried numerous things. I made a new file - it is OK, not crashing so far. It was using NP (only). Tech help unable to replicate problem when I sent him the actual project file. We did update as part of the process to the most recent 4 update. he is now suggesting that I contact Ulf and send you the file.

Hello Ulf, are you still here? I saw a post about this from 2020 that you responded to. I hope you are well! Can you help?

Anyone? Thank you all for your help!

The basic rule for crashes is to open Dorico and do Help>Create Diagnostic Report. This will make a zip file of your system data (including past crashes) on your desktop. Upload that zip file here and Ulf will be able to advise further.

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Thank you Janus, I had done that with Adam, will do it again here now. That you for responding so fast! Sent directly to Ulf via email per his request.

@doodle, is it an option for you to upgrade the operating system on your Mac from Mojave to Catalina or later? I think the crash you’re experiencing will be resolved if you move up to macOS 10.15 Catalina or later.

Hello Daniel,

It is very nice of you to respond to me on a Saturday evening! I appreciate it.

Not happily or easily! My work computer is an old Mac Pro that will not upgrade further, 12 core, with 128 GB RAM. I will try - it will take some hours, I can try it tomorrow and get back to you then. Please keep this case open.

Thanks for your help!


Another option would be to downgrade to an earlier Dorico 4 release, though you’d be missing out on features and fixes if you do that. And if you ever plan to update to Dorico 5 (which I hope you do!) you will need to be running at least Catalina for the current version in any case.

My Dear Daniel,

I was just about to write you. I got a note from Ulf, explaining about the crashes having to do seemingly with problems accessing a cloud storage system. When this problem started, I tried removing it from Dropbox where it has been, and it still crashed, though in a bit different way, crashing the computer too. Then Ulf asked that I remove it from Dropbox - I tried it, and it still crashed. I tried older, earlier versions, and those didn’t crash, and they were on Dropbox.

Now I have tried moving it off again, after the info about cloud storage. And it is working. Now it is possible that I messed up somehow, and thought the copy I was using was on my desktop and actually it was on DropBox. I don’t think so, but I can’t imagine why this would have changed otherwise. I did do some other things in the meantime.

If in fact it really is remedied by removal from the cloud (it fooled me before) it would seem that I goofed. Anyway, I apologize - it may be that the remedy-to-try - getting it off the cloud, was not tried due to me screwing up. I have been crosseyed and stressed trying things and maybe just messed up about which file I was using. So glad that it doesn’t seem to have been something else, or Note Performer or somehow Synchron related.

__***__I was unaware that there could be any problems of this type.

__***__Does it say this somewhere in the manual? I have never used DropBox before this way.

__***__Is there a better file-sharing service that won’t do this?

__***__Would it not do it if it was Dorico 5?

I have a couple other things I would like to ask you, but I imagine you __***__would like me to post them on the forum?

I will be back in touch here if there continues to be a problem with the crashing.

I am so impressed that you, Daniel, and Ulf, and someone else from Dorico, responded so quickly - even on the weekend and at an odd hour. Thank you!

I love Dorico. Moving to Dorico from Finale has rejuvenated my music activities.

Beless you,


Dear Daniel,

Dorico working ok after five hours! Whew! As soon as I can, I am getting a new Mac Studio, and Dorico 5! But I want to get through this project first.

I now only have one question - a kind of question, which I think you may find interesting. May I ask you in an email?

Best wishes and I hope you are enjoying your weekend!


I’m glad to hear that moving your projects from your Dropbox to a non-cloud enabled folder has made things run more stably. That does make sense, given the nature of the crash you were experiencing.

You are welcome to email me, or to send me a private message here on the forum. To do that, simply click on my little avatar which will bring up a pop-up in which you should see a big Message button. Click that to send me a private message.

Hi Daniel (and Ulf),

I am afraid that the crashes are back.

I moved the file to the desktop of my 12 core Mac Pro 10.14.6. It worked long enough I thought it was over - but no cigar. It has crashed about a dozen times, when saving, and if I try to use “Get Info” about the file.

I will be getting a newer computer, but can’t right now, and I need to finish my current project. I discovered something that I believe will enable me to continue to work. I think I will just try to keep going this way at least through this stage of the project, unless you have some other idea to try. This stage will be another 25 hours of work. If I do not move the mouse for a good 10 seconds after I save, it seems, I think, to not crash. Does this tell you something new?

Thanks for your continued help!

Hi doodle - I don’t know if this is your particular issue, but there are all sorts of problems with new versions of Dropbox & MacOS. My “solution” is to simply not do the suggested Mac upgrade.

I use Dropbox myself, but I don’t use the Dropbox app: instead I use a tool called Maestral that provides Dropbox syncing but without the mess of the Dropbox app.

Hello All,

Daniel thank you for the note about Dropbox, I will investigate that later. I wish that had really been the problem (but it still crashes when stored on my sys disk). As I said earlier, I am trying to reach the end f the project, and have quite a bit left to do. I can keep going (apparently) if I slog through the crashes.

I am assuming that the continual crashes are not harming the file, or my computer. Is that right?

It has now crashed probably 50 times. It crashes 80% of the time I try to save. I have no choice but to keep working. This is my sequence, can you think of anything that will help me get through the crashes faster?

I attempt to save; it crashes; Mac problem Popup appears
I select reopen; Dorico auto-save popup appears
I select discard all; Dorico window appears
I select the most recent project; project opens at beginning of flow 1 and includes the last changes I had wanted to save, intact
I navigate to the location in project I am working on

Thank you All for your continued help!

I don’t believe you’re at risk of losing any data due to this crash, but I would really recommend looking into upgrading your operating system. Are you certain that your Mac Pro cannot be upgraded to Catalina? What specific model of Mac Pro do you have?

I wish! I have a mid-2010 Mac Pro, 2x4.44 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon. I just tried, and it wouldn’t do it.

Thanks for confirming. I will talk to my colleagues on Monday to see if they have any more ideas about how we might be able to address this problem on your system.

What version is your MacPro — 3.1, 4.1, 5.1?

Hello - thank you for the help! It turns out the crashes are not caused by Dropbox after all, unfortunately. I will investigate your link after I get through my present tangle.

Thanks Daniel - I’ll keep this in mind if I have issues moving forward.