Note Performer

I’m using Note Performer, but Dorico asks me to install Dorico Pro 3.5 Sounds Installer.
But do I need to do that if I’m only using Note Performer?
Note Performer doesn’t play, but I don’t want to waste 10gb disk space for something I don’t use.

You don’t need it.


Also, set preferences to use Noteperformer as default. And I think you can tick “Don’t ask again” or similar when asked about the sound installer.

Welcome to the forum, hillborg. Do you need assistance with getting NotePerformer to play?

is there any way for me to use Noteperformer for the strings and Pianoteq for the piano sound separately? i hope i can join this conversation.

Of course! Just click to expand the player panel in Play mode and change the assigned VST.

found it, i thought it was supposed to be changed in the mixer, thank you Dan, and now i am stuck in assigning EWQL Orchestra so it can play the articulation etc.