Note pitch edit very sluggish

When editing the pitch of the entered note with ALT up/down - there is a noticeable delay before the note actually moves, which makes the whole process of entering notes painfully slow.

And on the same topic, why ever do we have to use ALT with up/down, that is also more awkward, why have to use the ALT key ? It would be so much easier and quicker for just UP/DOWN to change the pitch.

Can it be done with mouse? I tried, but couldn’t e.g. by dragging. It would make sense to have both possibilities, since some are using mouse for note input, and some keyboard. And I agree, just UP/DOWN keys would be good.

Daniel said in one of his videos that he felt that in other programmes it was too easy to erroneously change notes by hitting the arrow keys by accident, so they circumvented this by implementing the use of the alt key. :smiley:

I gotta say I’m probably going to end up rebinding that. I especially don’t like that it takes 2 modifier keys to change octave, which is super super common when doing note input.

Same problem here. I thought that we was going able to click in a note, and then just move it around the score, dragging it elsewhere. Or copy it! It could be somehow similar to Cubase, where is possible to copy two midi notes and put them in another place of the score, with a single movement of the mouse + a key click and without the need to ctrl+c, click in the destination, and ctrl+paste.

I really thought that I was going to be able to move notes around the score as easy as I do in Cubase Midi :frowning: I wrongly thought that this feature was one of the new key differentiators from Sibelius!

+1, absolutely agree. Something like Shift+Up should be enough.

Really? :open_mouth: It sounds really weird to me, very strange feature. For sure I prefer to change one note if I make a mistake, instead of using continuously an extra key! (and I think people usually doesn’t press without noticing it an arrow key)

Maybe I misunderstood something, but I thought that you could assign this commands to any key (combination) you want?

I’m not able to find in the key commands configuration any “note up” or “pitch up” or something like that. May be it is hardcoded? :confused:

I would hope in the future that there will be more definable key commands, but it seems that there is no definable key command for the editing of note pitch.

You’re right that this key command can’t currently be overridden, but it should be possible for us to include it in the Key Commands editor in the next update.

Yes please, that would be really nice!

And please, while you are at it, make it also possible to export a keyboard shortcut set to a file (e.g. XML) and then reimport it. Since it takes a long time to customize a personal set of shortcuts and it would be VERY SAD to lose that because of a program or computer failure. It would also be very useful to exchange my personal set of keyboard shortcuts with other Dorico users.

Your keyboard shortcuts are safely saved in a JSON file in your user-level Dorico application data folder every time you click Apply in the Preferences dialog.

I found it:


So I have to remember to backup this file outside of Dorico each time I change a keyboard shortcut. (Or include it in my list of automatic backups). Could be a problem with less experienced users.

That’s great, and while we’re at it: will there be any key commands that cannot be overridden by the user at all? If yes, which? I’m asking because it’s important for me to be able to use the same key commands across several apps. And until Steinberg or Apple or someone else will make a “complete DAW” (a fully fledged DAW which is as ambitious about its score editor as you are about Dorico), I’ll unfortunately need to use two apps for music making.

Yes please do that!!!