Note release delay in 4Knob PopD, bug?

Hi there,
I just bought and tested 4knob PopD Piano and I quickly noticed, that short notes aren’t really short. It becomes very obvious if you mute reverb and turn up the HB-Volume in the extendet settings. Although the note starts with no noticeable delay, it ends quite a bit after releasing the key. Playing with short notes feels pretty odd that way.

I did some test and recorded the sound in cubase.

First track is the midi-note. Second is 4knob PopD and third is the standart halion yamaha90es sound for comparison.
You can see the little bumb in the end of the waveform, which is the hammerback sound. The time between midinote end and hammerback sound is about 190ms.
Is this a bug or intended?
Like this usability of this instrument is really limited. :confused:

That’s a good question. I would think it’s probably intended. You could turn the hammerback sounds all the way down.