note repeat MPC style

Not sure if this was already mentioned but Cubase is not a complete workstation without having a dedicated MPC style note repeat function. :open_mouth:

I could just about do everything in Cubase with ease except for the note repeat pressing a single note?

I would like to see a note repeat midi function incorporated to use with all plugins located in the “inspector section” under the “drum maps” section.

A box that the user can enter the quantize settings and these settings are entered into the midi region by holding down ONE key on a external instrument or Cubase’s own virtual Keyboard.
Being able to loop and overdub to layer something down. :sunglasses:

This means users like myself don’t always have to keep changing the quantize settings on each track, the drum mapping section or have to draw midi notes with the mouse or touch pad as this takes too long. :cry:

Really not feeling the beat designer and I’m not really into routing midi (x) to midi output (y) to trigger note (A) on plugin program number (D) like propeller head reason to get this effect or using a 3rd party plugin, ipad app.

Would be much easier to have this as a dedicated trigger in the inspector with a midi length settings, swing settings and quantize settings that I can midi learn or hit C1 on my keyboard and that’s my kick drum re-triggering and synced to the project.

If there is a link or something already setup for this in Cubase using the Arpache 5, please let me know because I can’t find it anywhere :question:

not ideal but maybe midi arpeggio ?

not easy to switch patterns i know but could work…