Note repeat

Good morning
I previously used MPC or maschine samplers and there is a great option which consists of remaining pressed on a pad when recording and it creates notes while you remain pressed and it is the quantization which determines the number of notes . is there a midi insert or a function that allows you to do that in cubase? (by keeping my finger pressed on my keyboard, that it repeats the note to me??


You can do this as post-process.

Record a long MIDI Note. Then open the Key Editor. Choose the Split Tool. Hold down the Alt/Opt modifier and Split the long note by the length (i.e., if you want to get 1/16 notes, Split it after the very start in the first 1/16 length). The Split is going to be repeated by the 1/16 until the end of the note.

Or, you can open the Drum Editor, take the Drumstick tool, click and drag the mouse to the right (while the mouse is down). This will create a series of the MIDI Notes of the given length.