Note retriggering problem


VL fails to play correctly retriggered notes. If a note is played, then retriggered before a Note Off is occurring , then the sound of the two notes is cut when the first one is released.

The problem is the same if the two notes are very closed, without overlap.

It’s very annoying for all my MIDI tracks were recorded with Cubase, that handles correctly these overlapping notes.

I can do some extra experiments if necessary, or send you a MIDI track that is correctly played in Cubase but not in VST Live.

Have a nice day.

Hi @Jihem,

please send us a MIDI track which shows the problem.

Thank you,

That’s right. When repeating a beat (drum groove for example) about the third or fourth time (randomly) the first notes are not played.

… do you have an example for us, too?


This MIDI part is playing differently in Cubase and in VST Live where some notes disappear. In both cases, the VST instrument is Halion 7 with the same preset.

I know there’s a probably a trick using the Delete Overlaps function in Cubase, but it’s very time consuming…

Bass with overlaps.mid (401 Bytes)

Hi @Jihem and @Soundhunter,

it works in Cubase because a Preference “MIDI Length Adjustment” is available.

The next update of VST Live also contains this Preference.

The Default is “0 Ticks”. Change it to “-2 Ticks” and you have the same results like Cubase.

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This can really be a solution for midi tracks. But this problem also occurs with audio tracks. It also happens that the first note of a one-bar loop does not sound at all, or only very softly. I created a second time signature in Nuendo, four beats in one beat, copied in series. It works flawlessly in Nuendo, but sometimes the first beat doesn’t sound in VST Live.

Cannot reproduce this. What tempo? Maybe it is too fast to preload. Audio playback in cycle should be sample-accurate. Just tested it at 124 bpm and can run cycle 1000 times w/o missing a beat. If you can reproduce this, maybe you can archive a short example and send it along?