Note rhythms in bar wrong

I’ve tried multiple attempts at resolving this one bar where the rhythm values of the notes are wrong, to no avail. Also searching the forum hasn’t helped. In a 4/4 bar, the 4 parts have each a dotted half note, plus an 8th rest (see attachment). Clearly, the rest should be a quarter rest, though I’d actually like an 8th rest, and the note extended, either as an additional tied 8th, or a double dotted half note. I can’t seem to make either happen, it stubbornly clings to those values. Any suggestions?

I should add that, in the original Cubase score, (from which the XML was generated before importing into Dorico), it’s a double-dotted half note, Dorico just ignored the double dots.
Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 19.25.34.png

You’ve almost certainly ended up with an irregular bar here. Try selecting the time signature signpost at the start of the bar, and delete it. You may well then find that everything else shuffles up by an eighth note so that all the subsequent music needs adjustment. You’ll need to do that by e.g. selecting the dotted half notes and changing them to be double-dotted (type Alt+. to cycle through the number of dots), with Insert mode switched on.

This may be a limitation of the Cubase MusicXML export. Double dots are also ignored when importing into other applications…

Okay, that was strange. The bar was already 4/4 (with a new meter change 2 bars before. When I added a new meter change of 4/4 at the bar (11), I was able to add the double-dotted note, no problem. Then I erased the meter change, and it stayed the same. It seems there are such anomalies that come about when XMLs are exported from Cubase and into Dorico (as with the phantom key change problem). I just have to learn to work around them.