Note scale properties and jump bar

Just a little thing:
I noticed today that the note scale properties are not present in the jump bar (while other properties as toggle round brackets , or others, are present):

To replicate:
selected note/s, in engrave mode click j, tip cue or scale in the jump bar window: no result about changing the scale.
Do I miss something? Does anyone like me wish this property to be reachable through the jump bar? Are any reason not to include it? Could be possible to include it in future updates?
Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for but in preferences<key commands<transformations there are all sorts of commands that can be assigned to the jump bar.

Thank you for your reply @lafin, but I was referring to the note scale in properties. In the key commands there is nothing for “cue” or “scale” for this property. , and was looking to have some sort of shortcut to change to cue scale without going to the properties with the mouse (i know, is not a big deal, but every saved mouse movement is a win if you have to repeat it many times).

I just found a way: recording a macro that makes exactly this (activate the Scale override, and select cue), then, in macos keyboard shortcuts, assign a shortcut for this macro. It works well.

Would be great nevertheless if the recorded macros would appear in the key commands in Dorico, to be able to assign a Dorico shortcut or a jump bar alias to them (if I am not forgetting some settings that allow this?)

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In what situations are you having to “repeat this many times”? (Just curious)

Hi @Janus for example in one current project with 20 Flows (that I have to adapt for a non professional orchestra) I need to go through and notate alternative octaves in case the player doesn’t feel comfortable playing the “original” notes, or for example in the piano to reduce the size of notes that can be omitted (first case in example below).

Of course I could select all the notes at once and click once on the desired property (Size → Cue) , but to go through the long project and changing the property for little chunks one at a time is comfortable, to check immediately if the change is ok, if it works in correlation with other parts, if there are some collisions and so on…


In general, properties are not exposed by the jump bar (though that is something we would like to add in a future version), so you will only see specific commands that we have implemented that allow the setting or unsetting of properties.


second that — having properties assignable to shortcuts or reachable by the jump bar would be wonderful :slight_smile: