Note Selection In Write Mode


As I would do with another popular notation software, I am attempting to select a passage of music by selecting one bar and then shift-clicking in another bar later in the staff.

I frequently find that this shift-click does not work and I am at a loss to understand why.

Are there artifacts in a passage of music (for example System Text entered with shift+alt+x) or dynamics (hairpins?) which would prevent this?

Could anyone recommend an alternate workflow?

Many thanks,


Does that later bar possibly contain the last note in a tie chain? That’s a common trip-up. You sometimes need to click on the bar in which the tie chain begins.

The system track is a great way to select everything in a given range of bars, but I use Shift-click religiously, and it’s what I prefer. No text or dynamic elements would prevent this functionality.

Could you perhaps post a screenshot of an example that isn’t working for you?

Hi Dan - Thanks for the reply.
Here is an example:
Dorico Shift-Click.png
I have the orange bar selected then I shift-click to (say) the rest in Bar 21 and nothing happens. The text “Verse 2” happens to be system text.



I have seen weird selection issues when a staff has system text on it. Works fine on any other system. I either Use the System Track or a marquee selection.

Have you got font problems, Dave? In your screenshot everything looks low relative to the staff lines…

It might be completely unrelated, of course.

Hi @Pianoleo - in short - no. My screenshot looks odd due to the capture software I used.

Thanks for the reply though!


Dave, have you confirmed that the odd behavior is directly related to system text? That would be a helpful step towards a diagnosis.

I rarely need to use system text, but I do use dynamics all the time, so I don’t think dynamics would affect selection, as I’ve never experienced the scenario you describe.

Hi Dan - I can regularly repeat the problem by having a bar with some system text (entered with shift+ctrl+x) and some other music in the staff.