Note sounds but delay on keyboard zone animation

Using external MIDI I’m getting notes sounding close enough to real time to work, but the piano keyboard has a maybe 400-500 mS delay to animate which is distracting. These would be different threads, the MIDI presumably splitting off into the audio engine and separately into the GUI thread for animation, but I’m wondering if there’s any thoughts on this.

Specifically if there’s something going on with the computer as to why the GUI would be sluggish. Note entry is at speed, it’s just that lower zone that is lagging which is weird. I had Windows Defender spinning quite a bit recently, sometimes apps put theirs in an exclusion list for performance reasons, maybe something like that.

The on-screen keyboard shows the selected notes, which should update as soon as you change the selection, and it updates during playback. During playback, the keyboard is updated at the same time that Dorico sends the note to the audio engine (more or less – there’s also an exception with NotePerformer to try to compensate for its second of delay), so if you have a noticeable latency in the audio, you may see the piano update before the note is heard.

But it sounds like you’re talking about something else – can you provide more details?

Here’s the sequence with very approximate time stamps

  • 0 mS Hit piano mini note
  • 100 mS Hear note play
  • 1000 mS See the on screen keyboard animate the selected note

Counting seconds it’s actually approximately one second before the visual cue is on-screen. I’m using the latest Note Performer with BBCSO. So I’m seeing the opposite of what you describe, the note sounds a second before I see it. Interesting …

The Keyboard panel is told to update itself as soon as we receive the note from your MIDI keyboard. I’m afraid I can’t explain why there would be such a long delay between you playing the note and Dorico updating the Keyboard panel.

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Hi, same problem here. (Dorico SE and Dorico Pro Demo)
Visual Delay approx. 300 to 500ms, sound is immediately w/o delay.
I’m on MacBook Pro M2 Max. Should be fast enough imho.
Is there a solution in the meantime?

You’re experiencing delay specifically when playing notes on your MIDI keyboard and looking at the Keyboard panel? How long would you estimate the latency be between playing a note on your keyboard and hearing the sound auditioned?

There is no recognizable delay between pressing a key and hearing the sound. It’s what I expect, same as in Cubase. Between hearing the sound and seeing the key press on screen takes much longer. Approx. up to a third or half second. In other applications, i.e. Chordio, I have no visual delay. Thanks.

Thanks for the further information. There will be a tiny delay between the note sounding and the key in the Keyboard panel showing as being depressed, because the note is sounded by the audio engine, and a message is dispatched to the Dorico application to show the key as depressed. For me the delay is closer to a tenth or perhaps a quarter of a second. Some short delay is inevitable due to the way MIDI input, note auditioning, and GUI updating are carried out.

I attached a video. You can see that Dorico is also not recognizing short notes. In my opinion is this not appropriate for a software in this league. I have really cheap software (Chordio as I mentioned before) which can do this much better. For me not acceptable, sorry.

Thanks for the video. There does look to be a tiny bit more latency for you than I see on my own computer, but there’s not much in it. For the time being there’s not a lot we can do to improve this latency, for the reasons I’ve explained.

Thank you for the explanation. That helps me on my decision not to purchase Dorico.