Note spacing and staff spacing seems to be ignored in importing and exporting

I import a small Dorico project (Project-1) into a bigger Dorico project (Project-2) as a Flow (File > Import > Flows…)

However, no matter what settings I try (‘Create New Players’ or ‘Merge with Existing Players Where Possible’), the note spacing and staff spacing that I meticulously set in Project-1 are gone.

Is there a workaround for copying the note/staff spacing in a page of Project-1 and pasting it in a page of Project-2?

This is to be expected. You are importing the notes and other MUSICAL bits into the new project, not the layout, which dorico—not incorrectly—assumes will be totally different than the original.

Ah, I see, although I still wonder if there is way to copy note/staff spacing from, say, one page of Project-1 to a page in Project-2.

Not at present, no.

Try selecting with Select all (or the System Track) in project 1, Cmd/Ctrl-C, switch to project 2, select where you want to paste, Cmd/Ctrl-V.

If the Engraving/Layout/Notation Options/Master Pages are consistent across your two projects, you should get a paste that’s fairly consistent with the original.

It doesn’t work.

Interestingly, if I have made some note-spacing changes in Project-2 that differ from Project-1, the contents I copied over from Project-1 still follows the exact note-spacing in Project-2.