"Note spacing change" loses settings, when copied to other flow

Hi there, I have a problem that I hope has some workaround (it would save me many hours of work…).

The problem:
copying note spacing changes looses the settings when copied to different flow ID (it maintains the settings if copied to the same flow, or to the same flow ID in different project).
It seems that the note spacing changes are somehow anchored to the flow ID ?, which is not very convenient if you need to copy to a flow with different ID (renaming the flows, or changing their order doesn’t change this behavior).
I made a 2 minutes video to show this behavior. Some suggestions?

In case someone asks why I need this :wink: :
I have a project where I am merging separate files in a single big project using one flow per imported file. As it is a collaboration, I made already the lay-outing as other worked on completing the note input on the other files. I used many note spacing changes (to accommodate the lot of text being it a theatrical work). All works ok with the merging. The note spacing changes are also being copied, but they don’t maintain the override/settings, and it would take a very long time to inputting every manual setting on every note spacing change (there are hundreds of them). In every original file there is only flow1, and in the merged projects there are of course many flows, so that the note spacing changes looses the anchor to the flow ID.

If someone whants to experiment, here the two files to test.

TEST A.dorico (429.4 KB)
TEST B.dorico (438.1 KB)

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The settings in a note spacing change aren’t specifically attached to a particular flow, but you are correct that there is flow-specific data in the data that is saved inside them. They refer to the global stream in each flow (where things like time and key signatures live), and those IDs will be different in every flow. We would need to rewrite this information when pasting these items into a new flow. I’ve made a note of this and we’ll look into it in future. Unfortunately in the meantime there’s no workaround for this.

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Thank you very much @dspreadbury for your reply.

Hi @dspreadbury , another consequence of this behavior that i noticed is that also splitting the flow, the settings of note spacing changes are lost :frowning: (creating the new flow the anchor to flow ID is lost as you confirmed).
Fortunately :slightly_smiling_face: the space size settings of breaks are preserved:

note space settings not preserved by splitting the flow.dorico (919.8 KB)

CleanShot 2023-11-10 at 22.19.39 2

Yes, indeed, this is the same underlying problem. We’ll make sure this gets fixed when we address the originally reported problem.


Great, thank you!!!

I am very happy to confirm that both issues of the above posts are being solved in Dorico 5.1.10!!! Thank you @dspreadbury and the whole Dorico Team!!! Just wonderful! :heart_eyes: :pray:
(sorry that I have to give the solution to this my own post, but it is what it is)