Note spacing collisions when notes contain guitar fingerings and string designations

Is there a way for Dorico to automatically provide greater space between notes when notes include both guitar fingerings (shift+f) and guitar string designations (applied in the properties window) to avoid collisions (see image below)?


Any assistance is warmly appreciated.


One can increase spacing between notes in Layout Options > Note Spacing. Other than that, there is no “automatic” respacing.

Thank you. Your suggestion does add spacing to ALL of the notes but since I only need additional space for specific notes that have fingering and string designations, it would be helpful for Dorico to adjust this automatically. I currently have to adjust the note widths manually using the Engrave > Note Spacing > then select the notes to apply additional spacing but it is time consuming. Any assistance the Dorico team can provide in automating this process is appreciated.

@LarMo, in general Dorico does make space for these indicators. Can you attach a project here so that I can take a look and see why this isn’t happening in your project? I can only imagine that you’re somehow forcing Dorico’s hand to force more music onto the system than it wants to place there, and consequently things are colliding.