Note spacing collisions with tuplets and 2 voices

Hi there,

I ran into a problem with note spacing: see attached png of a rather difficult to play test piece (it happens in any file, so not specific to this project - and none of the spacing is altered).

When using 2 voices and 5-tuplets (also 7,11 etc) it looks like the spacing of the non tuplet voice is used, disregarding the spacing of any accidentals in the tuplet voice.
It seems to work ok with triplets however and the tuplet spacing in a single voice is fine.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Many thanks.

Can you turn on View > Signposts > System breaks? In my experience Dorico rarely tries to space music this tightly unless system breaks have been forced.

Thanks, yes view >>“system brakes” is on. There is nothing forced, left exactly how Dorico 2 originally engraved it. Also I can reproduce this in a new project with only one bar (or even no meter), just with two voices and a quintuplet in one of them, see picture.

I can confirm that this is a limitation of the spacing algorithm at present. The problem is that sometimes Dorico needs to be able to tuck one “sim” (a rhythmic position occupied by a note, chord or other item requiring spacing on at least one staff) against another sim that is not adjacent; this occurs rarely (in fact I think this may be the first time in the 19 months that Dorico has been available that a user has reported this problem here). We do plan to address this but it requires some reasonably fundamental changes to the mechanics of how Dorico spaces music in order to do so.