Note Spacing doesn't work

Hello! There is a proper button for note spacing in Engrave Mode on iPad. It shows blue boxes when I tap Note Spacing button, but I can’t move anything left/right there. Why doesn’t it work? Is this feature only for desktop PRO version? Will it ever be added for iPad version? Because I was about to boy a lifetime subscription, but it’s limiting for me without working Note Spacing. Thank you!

Welcome to the forum @michael.fyod!

I’m reasonably sure that this feature is only available on the desktop versions but maybe wait until someone else confirms this!

Welcome to the forum, Michael. At the moment, you will need a hardware keyboard attached to your iPad to be able to use the note spacing adjustment features. If you have a keyboard attached, you can select a handle by tapping it, then adjust it left and right using Opt-left/right arrow.

Just checked and yes, it works in this way! I hope it someday will work with Apple Pencil. Thank you for help!