Note Spacing Feedback

I absolutely love the new note spacing, especially the stat showing the % of system filled. That is genius.

I’m having trouble with one thing: When I split a measure between systems (this often happens with the pick-up beat in hymns), I am unable to control the space after the final note in the split bar. There is no handle because there is no bar at the end of the system. When the system ends with a half or whole note, there is often quite a bit of extra space there that I could use in the system. I am able to get around this by decreasing the note spacing ratio, but this affects the whole flow.

Is there a way to decrease the space after the final note in a system that ends mid bar? If not, I suggest that a handle be added here - even though there is not a bar to attach it to. Perhaps the handle could “technically” be attached to the system break.

Please see the picture - The top note does not have a handle. The bottom note does.

There’s currently no way to adjust that space, I’m afraid. As a workaround for the time being, you could probably use Engrave > Note Spacing Change to change the spacing ratio just for that partial bar, then insert another Note Spacing Change that resets back to the original spacing values as defined in Layout Options at the start of the following system.

Thanks, Daniel. That’s what I will do for now.
Could you pass along my suggestion to add a handle here somehow.