Note spacing in two voice independent of each other

I would like to create a small space between the minim note and the semiquaver rest, just enough so that they don’t touch.

I have tried opt+arrow but the two voices move together.

The minim is the upstem voice, but has the stem reversed to look best from the preceding melodic line (out of picture). Downstem semiquavers also have stem reversed, and the rest is shifted up from its default position, to economize space between the systems. So, as you can see I have worked my way into a tricky spot.

Assistance would be appreciated. Thank you all for such a positive and helpful forum.

This is quite an awkward case to resolve, but it can be done. Set the down-stem half note into its own voice column, so it wll appear to the right of the 16th rest. Use its separate square handle to move it back to the left of the 16th rest. Use the circular handle for the main voice column to move the 16th rest right a bit. Then close up the gap to the next column using the square handle for the following 16th note.



Problem solved, thanks very much!

Will there be a default support for such cases (x-offset for rests?) in a future version? I think it would be good to have.