Note spacing in voices on the same stave

For some peculiar reasons, I’d like to ‘de-align’ notes in two voices placed on the same stave.
Here’s the pic:
Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 10.46.48 AM
Is there a way to move the whole note ‘D’ a little bit to the right?
I can think of couple of ways to ‘hack’ that: for example, I could change the time signature to 5/4, place the whole note on the second bit and then hide the time signature and the rest; or to duplicate a note to either a chord or whole note, so that Dorico would shift the overlapping same note slightly away, and then to set the opacity of that duplicate note to ‘0’.
But my question - am I missing something, or there’s no way to adjust note spacing in two voices placed on the same stave independently?

Igor Borodin

Use Engrave mode, note spacing sub-mode, click on the square above the chord, a little circle will appear on the vertical line. Click on it, use alt-right arrow as you wish and voilà.
You could use the voice column property but you wouldn’t control the horizontal switch.

You need to ensure that the notes in each voice have manually-set Voice Column Indexes or you’ll only get a single note spacing handle. Switch to Engrave mode, grab the whole note D and set its Voice Column Index property to 1. Then for fine-tuning, follow @MarcLarcher’s advice above.

Once you’ve clicked the square handle, you should see two circular ones. The one on the right controls the whole note D, and can be adjusted using Alt-Left/Right (add Cmd/Ctrl for larger distances).


Excellent! That is it. Thank you Leo.
I did know the way to move notes horizontally, but I had no idea about that property - Voice Column Index.
Appreciate your help very much.
P.S. Dear Marc, thank you for the prompt reply.

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