Note Spacing Individual Parts


Another question about note spacing.
Is there a way that every part is spaced seperatly. I don’t need that the 3 parts are spaced “together”

Not automatically - if all staves are in the same system, ie running concurrently, they share rhythmic time and therefore will be spaced accordingly.

You can use the Note Spacing tool in Engrave mode to nudge the graphical positions of individual notes to the right/left but for situations where you’d be doing that for most notes in a system, it might get tedious.

An alternative that would still need some working out would be to have each staff as a separate flow, and draw in music frames such that they appear above each other but would be spaced independently. You would have to work out how to show the bracket manually.

Hi Lillie

Many thank’s
I worked a little bit around in Engrave Mode to change position od notes. It’s a lot of work and I have not the results I want. I will trie out wit different flows.

You have to know that I copy a manuscript of an avant garde piece only to learn more about Dorico

If you want an introduction to Dorico, we have a First Steps guide - although that follows a fairly conventional piano piece rather than anything more modern.

Hi Lillie

I know a lot about Dorico . But here is something completely crazy what I want to tire out.
I only need to no how I can create a brace to put 2 0r 3 systems together (only at the begining of a line )

I hope this will help : in Engrave mode, select notes from the top staff and bottom staff you want to brace together (using cmd-click) and press the appropriate brace button on the left panel. Done.

Maybe I am wrong, but I read somewhere that creating these rhythms in a tuplet and hiding it will lead to individual notespacing?
You could try that.

If I’m understanding correctly, @patha’s question about bracing 2-3 systems together was in response to my suggestion to have separate flows entirely in order to have completely independent note spacing. Therefore this method wouldn’t work, because the staves/systems aren’t in the same flow.

For that, you could investigate using an SVG image of the relevant bracket/brace you want and drawing in a graphics frame to show it in.

Hi Lillie
where can I find SVG image ?
I’m not a great internet surfer :slight_smile:

You can do it from Dorico - which would allow you to get one the exact right height for the end result you want. Use the existing project with the three staves in one system, temporarily increase the gap between the bracket and the systemic barline (Engrave > Engraving Options > Brackets and Braces) so you can get a clear image just of the bracket with no other barlines/staff lines encroaching, then draw in a graphic slice around it and export it with the required file format.