Note Spacing Issues

I have attached two files. One has two bars of 16th notes (file 2) and the other one bar (file 1). It seems reasonable to have two bars of sixteenth notes in one system - I see it all the time, but it has had a catastrophic effect on the spacing of the the notes and tablature numbers in file 2. I don’t understand why it has become so uneven. The slurs don’t seem to be affected, just the slides. Is there a setting that I can change to keep the notes evenly spaced when I use slides? Without the slides the notes are uniformly spaced. Thanks.
Waves - Position Shifting Exercise 1.dorico (770.4 KB)
Waves - Position Shifting Exercise 2.dorico (736.8 KB)

Try these settings, on the Glissando Lines page of Engraving Options:

(Slides are glissando lines under the hood.)

Thanks Daniel. That seems to work!