Note Spacing Mode Causes Dorico to Freeze

I’m running Win 7 Pro 64-bit with 4gbs of RAM on a dual-core 2.93 ghz Intel processor. About every hour or two, Dorico will freeze up when I toggle the Note Spacing mode. I’m constantly switching in and out as I adjust note spacing and lyric position. I’ve been saving about every 5 minutes, so I don’t lose much, but it’s an inconvenience and I’m starting to get afraid to push that button. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Evan, excuse my question, which “Note Spacing” button can one toggle in Dorico?

I think he talks about the new function in Engrave mode, which allows the user to fine tune the spacing between the musical events in the score.

Thanks, Marc. That is indeed what I’m talking about.

I can reproduce this crash anytime by doing the following:

  1. Select a lyric
  2. Switch on horizontal offset
  3. Switch on Note Spacing mode

I have found that the bug only occurs with any of my 3 large projects (100 flows each). The fourth project containing my final 15 flows does not crash.

Daniel, I’d be happy to email one of these large projects to you if you want to check this out.

Thank you,

If you have a large score with 100 flows but only 4Gb of RAM then I expect that you will run into performance problems - it’s quite likely that your machine will be ‘thrashing’ (ie running out of RAM so it pages stuff off to disk, which is slow). If you leave it for a while after it freezes then does it finally respond?

When I am running Dorico on one of my large projects, I have a minimum of 1.7 gigs free. I don’t think this is a RAM issue. I left Dorico running all night after it froze and it was still frozen this morning.

Ok, if it still was going overnight then that sounds like it’s probably something specific in your score, so probably best to send it to Daniel so we can take a look. Nevertheless I would really recommend installing another 4Gb of RAM if your machine will take it if you are dealing with large scores.

Thanks, Paul.