Note spacing refusing to cooperate

Hello there! for some reason the note spacing tool is on strike when it comes to the last three bars of the piano vocal score layout. When I select the bottom corner (to stretch the whole system to the width of the page) nothing happens. I am about 98% certain that I am doing this the usual way I stretch staves but for some reason it remains static.

Note Spacing Tool not working on last 3 bars of piano vocal score.dorico (1.5 MB)

You could untick the “Only justify final system…” in Layout options->Note spacing.


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Thanks, I had a feeling something like that was somewhere.

Any idea what is causing the stubborn behavior, though?

That setting is precisely the cause of the problem.

As to dragging the end of a system, this has never been possible with the mouse. The only way to move Note Spacing handles (the little squares and circles) is with the keyboard: Alt/Opt-Left/Right Arrows for tiny distances; Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Opt-Left/Right Arrows for larger distances.

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Yes I know, that was what I was doing and not getting any change.

It works fine here, though obviously it’s slower than setting the Layout Options the way you want them.

Oh, see I typically use the large bottom square in the bottom right corner - I had not tried the top one.

The large squares are for the system, and they can only indent from the margins.