Note Spacing

I want to copy the bar or a few notes with manual note spacing.
Why Dorico can’t do this? :cry:
Is it really so difficult to implement? :question: :question: :question:
(Dorico vers. is 1.1)

Eniack, you can fully control manual note spacing in Engrave mode. On the left panel, select the toggle labeled “Note Spacing.”

Dan, read the question again :wink:

I know that I can control manual note spacing.
I want to copy the bar or a few notes with manual note spacing.
Sometimes and, perhaps, often, it becomes necessary to make exact copies of bars.
It’s very inconvenient to manually shift notes each time.

Firstly, you can upgrade to Dorico 1.2 at no cost, and you might want to consider using v.2.0.

Can you tell us exactly what you’re trying to achieve? Perhaps there’s another way to accomplish it using Options and other settings, rather than with manually spacing things all the time.

Yes, you may be able to achieve the results you need with Engrave > Note Spacing Change, which can be copied and pasted in the usual way, whereas note spacing adjustments cannot: those are not, by the way, anything to do with the notes themselves, but rather are to do with the rhythmic position at which they are located, the particular combination of durations across all staves, etc., so they cannot easily be copied and pasted in any case.

I’m not explaining it clearly?
I open the project, move the notes as I need, copy them to another place. And then it turns out that the notes are copied as if I did not move them.
And why should I update to new versions? Do they really solve the problem?


I believe Ben was (helpfully, I think) asking what you were trying to achieve, not what process you had attempted to achieve it. As he explained, he was wondering if he could offer you an alternative solution that would do what you needed while circumventing the difficulty you had encountered.

Again, I think Ben was trying to be helpful by pointing out that you are owed a free upgrade, should you care to take advantage of it. Whether or not it fixes this problem, it will surely fix many others.

Anyway, as you can see, Daniel has already addressed your query.

Indeed. Sometimes, we can get distracted by trying to use a particular method, when another method may be just as good, or better, to achieve the end result that we want.

I merely advise you of the opportunity for the free update, which may provide bug fixes and new features helpful to you.

I just need to copy notes and produce exactly the same shifts.
I can do this with my hands, but for the program it’s hard for some reason …
This whole story with note spacing began back in the time of Sibelius. Only in Sibelius all this is made much more convenient: the notes are typed, then they can be immediately moved by the mouse without any idiotic separate modes “Write” and “Engrave” and “Note spacing” and keyboard.
After all, no sane editor will not leave Sibelius for Dorico. What are you talking about in your advertising? :astonished:

I think you’ll find simply venting on this forum won’t fix anything for you. But I think you’ll also be hard-pressed to find a comparable forum with so much engagement by both users and employees. The users above are trying to help you.

No program is perfect. Search the forum and you’ll find plenty of feature requests from users who use and love Dorico. Some get implemented, some are pending, some will never happen because they’re contrary to the design philosophy of the program.

But there are plenty of editors, arrangers, and composers who, like me, are using Dorico with great success. I’d imagine the majority of them came from either Sibelius or Finale. You mileage may vary (apparently).

The main reason to update to Dorico 1.2.10, even though it doesn’t change this specific aspect of the program, is that you will find it has many bugs fixed and a number of new features that you will no doubt find useful at some point. I really wouldn’t advise continuing to use Dorico 1.1.

I suggest you try the Engrave > Note Spacing Change method, and see how it works for you.

For the record, Enlack, Finale does exactly what you want to do: when measures are copied, hand spacing changes are copied along with the notes and appear as in the original when pasted. If Daniel’s suggestion doesn’t do what you need, it might be something added to Dorico in the future, because it can be a helpful capability.

I have to admit that Note Spacing Change method works. But it’s so slow and uncomfortable (and ugly) that it’s not worth it. According to the mind, this should be done right in the note spacing grid.
Thank you all for your help. I’m staying with Sibelius.

In the attached example bar 1 looks ugly with the default Dorico options. Is it possible to achieve a result like in bar 2 (manual note spacing) with other Dorico options? (351 KB)

Dear UManken,
Have you tried that option?

Perfect Marc, thanks!