Note spelling - midi keyboard vs midi import

After noticing how Dorico makes some strange (in my eyes) spelling decisions when importing midi, I did a test comparing it to entering notes directly by midi keyboard. Not sure why they are different, but is there a way to make Dorico spell imported intervals as it does when using the keyboard? The imported file is an export of the keyboard example, so there are no other programs involved.

Midi keyboard
midi keyboard.PNG
Midi import
midi import.PNG

We do have plans to improve the enharmonic spelling for MIDI import. There is a nifty algorithm called PS13, by a researcher called David Meredith, and we have implemented a modified version in the core engine but have not yet hooked up to MIDI import. The algorithm works by analysing the whole piece, which we can do with MIDI import in a way we cannot with step-time MIDI input, and it gives good results. I’m afraid I’m not sure when this will be done, but it’s certainly in our plans.

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Exciting to hear.

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Relating to the spelling, it could be interesting to have a way to force sharps or flats on a particular passage during MIDI input, instead of correcting it just after. For example pressing the flat/sharp key and then forcing the next MIDI inputed notes (like a manual mode)