Note staff distance when several signs

Sometimes, when I have different signs i.e. Segno, Studierzeichen, Text, I get a huge distance between staffs. I would like to move i.e. the sego sign to aside and get a nicer looking distance. Is there any way to do that, without manually moving the staffs?

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You can try manually moving the sign in Engrave Mode, though I’m not sure if the staves will adjust automatically afterwards.

Thanks for your reply.

No, they don’t…

The other thing you could try is left-aligning Rehearsal Marks with the bar line (Engraving Options > Rehearsal Marks > Horizontal Position) though, again, I’m not sure if it will change staves automatically

Yes, I tried that, it helps a little…


I still have the Segno and some text. It tried to move the standard position of text horizontally, but I don’t find an option for that…

I’m sorry but I don’t quite understand what you mean.

You could try lowering the Minimum inter-system gap (Layout Options > Vertical Spacing > Minimum Gaps), or even just turn them off.

This sort of thing has been a problem for years. I really wish there was a way to tell Dorico to ignore an element when calculating vertical spacing, but there’s not currently a way to do this. You can get a much better starting point though in order to minimize the manual system spacing adjustments.

  1. As Daniel mentioned, in Engraving Options set the rehearsal mark setting to be left-aligned with the systemic barline, then set a horizontal offset. If the rehearsal mark is set to left-align with the barline Dorico doesn’t adjust it vertically for collisions with other elements even if your horizontal offset forces it to collide with the text, chord symbol, segno, etc.
  2. Turn off collision avoidance for Text. This can be done globally in Engraving Options, or you can do it on an individual basis in Properties.

So now I’m starting from this which is a bit better than your starting point:

A few adjustments later and I have this.

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Thanks! That helps!

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