Note stops playing after trill line

When a trill does not span the entire duration of a note, the part of the note after the end of the trill line is not played back correctly. Could this small problem be fixed in a future Dorico release? (Or is this maybe a NotePerformer issue? I don’t have other instruments to test with.)

note stops playing after trill (531 KB)
Screenshot 2020-01-22 at 09.08.52.png

Personally, I wouldn’t tie a non-trilled note to a trilled note; I’d use a slur or nothing.

That’s ok. But I would, as a violinist, and Gould approves. (If you wanted the trill to last the entire (tied) note, you wouldn’t need a trill line in the first place.)

I’ve encountered this problem in the past as well. In fact, no matter where the trill is in the tie chain — over the first two notes, over the middle two notes, or over the last two notes — the non-trilled parts of the tie chain don’t play back. The only solution at present is to do as Derrek suggests and use a slur into and out of the trilled part instead of a tie, and adjust the slur in Engrave Mode to make it look like a tie. (A nifty time-saving feature for slurs would be a property that automatically makes a slur look like a tie.)

At the moment Dorico cannot segment a single note and play a trill for part of it and a sustained note for another part of it. We’re aware of this limitation and plan to address it in a future version.

A much easier solution would be to place the “new” note in another voice, and set both voice column indexes to 0 so they are superimposed on one another… if that plays!!

That does indeed play back, Dan, and it’s way easier than trying to make a slur look like a tie. I’m going to go back to my older projects where I used a slur and change them to use your second voice idea. Thanks for your insight!

And thanks, Daniel, for the explanation and for letting us know you’ll be addressing it in a future version.

Thank you Daniel for your explanation.

Thank you Dan for your workaround. It didn’t work for me in the case of notes with grace notes: strangely enough all grace notes are then played back until the end of the tie chain, a bizarre effect (a bug?). (Attached)
note stops playing after trill line.dorico (532 KB)

The problem with all of the notes sounding at the same time I think might be a peculiarity of using NotePerformer, because if you switch to the ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback configuration it doesn’t happen. I guess there’s some kind of issue with the order in which the events are being processed.