Note stops playing during trill

Hi All, brand new user after free trial, my 1st post here–after I followed Daniel’s 4 steps on how to avoid wasting people’s time (thanks for that, Daniel).

In my attached file with two staves, the bottom staff is what I want the timpani to play, the top staff is what I’ve had to write to give me the desired playback.

Problem: Trilled, tied note for the timpani stops playback before the end of the trill line (in this case, one full measure early).

Steps I took: The trill on the top staff was placed by selecting the entire tie chain, then adding the “tr” ornament. On playback, the roll stopped a whole measure early; so, to fix that, I extended the whole passage by a measure. The same problem exists–that extended staff still drops the trill a measure early–but the playback is what I want. (Actually, at first the playback dropped about two and a half measures early, then I fiddled with the dynamics, trill line, note durations, and slur on/off, to see if that might change the playback issue…but still the best result was that playback stopped a full measure early.)

So: how to have the trill playback as it is written? Not a huge deal, as I only care about playback to dummy check what’s in my head, and I can, in this case, simply change the top staff to the bottom staff to have it look right after the dummy check. But I’d like to avoid that kind of editing.

Before you advise me to achieve a roll with a tremolo: I tried replacing the trill line with applying 4-stroke tremolos to the tie chain, but that made playback lose all my dynamics. Plus, I want the tympani strikes faster than the 4-stroke tremolo (which seems to be the fastest tremolo available), which only a trill’s rate-adjustment (via Properties tab) allows, (I think).

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Welcome to the forum, SRiddell, and sorry to take a couple of days to come back to you. You can set the ‘Interval’ property for your trill to produce a unison rather than a major second as it currently does. What I find is that the trill does play for the expected duration, but it fades away more or less to silence at the end. If you show the HSSE window, you should be able to see the note being restruck during playback all the way to the end of the note.