Note symbols are not shown on some first measures of the Score Layout

Hi there!

I use a Macbook Pro (with Cubase 10.0.50 PRO) and I find that on some pages the first note of the first bar doesn’t show the note symbol that has been assigned. This happens only in the Score Layout. In the Part Layout, the apparently hidden note symbol is shown alright. What can I do?


What “note symbol” exactly is it? Do you mean the Page mode?

Sorry for not answering when you replied. I think this happened when I had problems with the forum notifications. I’m terribly sorry!
Here are my answers to what you asked:
→ by “note symbol” I meant “notehead symbol” (I was using half-note noteheads on quarter notes);
→ yes, I’m talking about the Page Mode of the Score Editor.

I was working on a piece of music that had a score layout (a layout with all the instruments grouped in a system) and multiple part layouts (single instrument layouts).

Thank you so much for all your replies!


Could you please attach an example project?

Btw by the " Score Layout", you mean Page Mode? And by the “Part Layout”, you mean non-Page Mode?