Note/text collision?

I’m on Dorico 2.2., and have run into note/text collisions between staffs sometimes, and am attaching a zip of the dorico file and a png. The vertical spacing between the staff lines at bar 30 and bar 36 doesn’t expand out as usual, and it gets scrunched together. I’ve noticed it also sometimes when I try to copy notes/text from a bar to a bar below. Any idea? (585 KB)

The basic issue here is that Dorico is surprised to find that every staff has text items above it, and this is somewhat unusual as far as the kind of thing Dorico’s been designed to expect. If you’re going to produce this kind of layout with lots of instructions on every system, I think you’d find that the results will be better if you set the system-to-system gap on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options to a bigger number, e.g. a value of 14 spaces or more seems to work well with the default distance you’ve specified for text above the staff (which is 3 spaces, quite a bit bigger than the default value).

It’s hard to quickly summarise the overall reason for this kind of issue, but I had a go in this earlier post.

Thanks, will give it a shot. Usually for exercises like this, having explanatory text above bars is common.

Sure, so give Dorico a hand so that it knows to expect that the systems will be a bit further apart, and you should get much better results after changing just that one value in Layout Options.