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but you can’t yet place messages, or i don’t see it.

just bought the upgrade, after 5 minutes on the product page i thought; this is worth it. and yes, it is already worth it:
abusing the AI, stems unmix, can give great results.
but that is my way. not always. shall take some time to learn the new features, or to learn, to use them. a great update.

but with bugs, it seems (i don’t experience them yet, although soundcard settings, it was also in the previous version, spectralayers fights with the settings of my soundinterfaces…)

true :slight_smile:

guessing you’re using the standalone version ?

yes, i edited my post, but also put a post on a dutch forum… so i am chaotic, in where i did write what…
i edited my post, i am more an abuser…

i mainly use the standalone version. i have a track, that i must bounce, to work with ara, because there happens too much, i like masking, it can give good results, and i can unmask with other stuff, or small tricks. but i thought i must work with the track with spectralayers, perhaps the masking is too big, it already sounds quite good, or even perfect (as far as i can make it…), but i want to know the variant, where the masking, especially in the lows is too much. and tricks, and other plugins i have, didnt make it better sounding. perhaps it is good as it is.

but i certainly will not only abuse spectralayers, i like artifacts, masking (when it works, of course), but not always, sometimes it is a real problem, before spectralayers i had one song with too much masking, a lot of little tricks, i.e. a lot of work, to get it right. no big plugins, but tweaks, very detailed and it worked. i think in spectralayers, it was in one go…

good luck! dr! i hope the bug will fixed, very quickly.

Hi, you should now be able to create topics and reply in the SL7 forum. Please let me know otherwise.

‘new posts’ working - thanks Robin