Note to developers - COMMENTS Alt-C

Good day! You can create a Comment by typing Alt-C, even if nothing is selected. A very large comment indeed, and when you click ok, it will totally disappear, never to be seen again. That is . . . if nothing is selected before you type Alt-C. I learned my lesson the hard way. :sunglasses:


Yes, we should probably change this. Thanks for the feedback.

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It would also be extremely helpful to be able to move easily between comments.
I scatter these in my scores, indicating problems, returning later to fix the problems. Shotcuts that allow one to step between the comments (next and previous) would greatly increase the value of this feature.



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Like any other object, you can select one, then use the left or right arrow to select the previous or next one.

That only works within one flow, of course. But if you open the Comments panel, then you can see all the comments, and click on each one to select it.

It only moves to the previous/next comment attached to the same instrumental stave.

Thanks. I was unaware of a panel that showed all the comments. Found it now! (Why is an artist’s palette an icon for panels?)

I would still like to be able to move sequentially in the score between all the commenrts, regardless of the actual staff attachment.


Here’s the introduction to the comments feature. It mentions the panel, and then links you to more information about the panel in the related links section at the bottom. The page about the panel tells you how you can access it.