Note to Sherz and Onkel

Today I was listening to one of Ian’s CD’s an I noticed in the liner notes a reference to Ian’s style as being “antipodean Clayderman” and I recalled Onkel using that phrase to describe Ian’s music in the old forum (LOL – I don’t think it was meant to be exactly complimentary).

I didn’t know at all what the hell this meant, so I looked it up. Onkel – much respect for knowing this terminology “antipodean” – I’m a native English-speaker and didn’t know it – as well as brilliantly coupling it with that dude Richard Clayderman (who I DID know about, actually).

And kudos to Sherz for laughing about it and even using it in his liner notes… not to mention a really good sounding CD and good songs, too

I was insulted.


I seem to remember it being some reviewer (not a reviewer) that called Ian that, because I also remember joking about it with him.

I had to look up BOTH terms, and I still don’t understand it. :slight_smile:



Oh. Still, I’m pretty sure Onkel used it in a “argument” and it was much later than 2004, so he apparently borrowed it

Either that or you remember stuff that didn’t really happen. :laughing:

Wouldn’t be the first time!

I’m not suprised!

I remember using the Clayderman thing.

I regret it now but I guess at the time I was trying to say something like this: “do not post everything, let us hear only your best work”

Heck I wrote like ten songs a month back then too, but I only posted the best of them.

Kim, older and more mellow :wink:

Antipodean? Yup. Clayderman? Nope.

But he’s rich and I’m not… therefore…? :confused: