Note Velocity and expression maps

Hi everyone,

I’ve imported a midi file from a sibelius score into Dorico, and I’m learning how to work the program - but I’ve discovered you can’t edit note velocities in the piano roll, but on this page about expression maps, it gives the option to use velocity as a kind of controller message:

" In the Techniques section, change any of the options relevant to the selected technique.

For example, choose whether the volume of the selected technique is controlled by its Note Velocity or a Control Change."

So how do we control velocity to do something like this?

thanks if anyone is able to help me here.

You can’t yet edit velocity directly, as you’ve noticed. I believe it has been stated that such a functionality will be made available in the future, naturally.

Right now, you can only control velocity by inputing dynamics marks. You can also use the controller lanes to input values directly as a CC message, which is distinct from velocity but might be used to control volume/expression/dynamic in a VST in its stead.

Hi LSalgueiro,

thank you kindly for that reply. Thanks also for the hint to control the velocity by using dynamic markings. That’s a great idea - I didn’t know that those would control the velocity in an indirect fashion. I’ll look forward to being able to control the velocity an update.
Thank you again for your help and advice here.