Note Velocity and Program Change in Expression Maps


I have a couple questions about Expression Maps.

  • I see most time Note Velocity in EMs is set to a high value. Wouldn’t it be safer to set it to a softer value, to avoid unwanted burst in case of error?

  • I would like to use Program Change for things like switching between sordino/ordinario. Is there any disadvantage in using PCs instead of KSWs?


In Libraries which use CC1 for dynamics, velocity can be used to trigger other parameters, such as a specific type of legato e.g. …

Earlier versions of the VST3 version of VEP didn’t respond to Program Change, but afaik this has been reinstated now.

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Is the Velocity of the EM items to change the type of legato/portamento, or the Velocity in the performed note? Hazy memories, but I seem to remember the second is used when it is used.

Uhm, this should convince me to stay in the safe haven of Keyswitches. They work everywhere!


That will depend on the requirements of the Library. One can specify a velocity for the key switch itself, which will be sufficient for e.g. changing the legato type, but one can also restrict the velocity of all subsequent notes by using the 2 Volume Dynamic fields …