Note velocity & xml import

In Sibelius 6.2 I can modify individual note velocities graphically, using “live” mode.
Are velocities included in xml output? And if so, will they be imported into Dorico, even if so far they cannot be modified?
I should like to fine-tune the tempo in Dorico as it’s impossible in Sibelius; I am hoping for velocity tracks in v.2.3 !

Although a good deal of MIDI information can technically be encoded in MusicXML files, few applications export it, and Sibelius is not one of them; in any case, Dorico doesn’t currently import this information. We certainly plan to add support for editing velocity in Play mode in a future version of Dorico, but you should not expect this in a “2.3” version – no further feature updates are planned for Dorico 2.x.