NoteExpression Tuning Curve: where?

I am following the excellent Quick Start videos and learning about NoteExpression. It’s all new to Cubase 6 so people are not likely to know so much about it. But I am wanting to know: does anyone know about the NoteExpression Tuning Curve? Extracting MIDI after variAudio analysis gives the Pitch Mode option “Notes and NoteExp VST3 Tuning Curve”. But…ok, just found out the answer but will finish so next person can stop scratching head.
Problem was, could see extra controller curve in the output MIDI track using “Notes and NoteExp VST3 Tuning Curve” vs. just “Notes and Static Pitchbend Data”. But in the key Ed. noteExp tab, no clues about the mystery “Tuning Parameter”. And then…Aha! connect the MIDI track to a HSSE instrument and load a preset eg. Smooth Alto Sax NoteExp, then back to the key Ed. and the Tuning Param shows up…

Now can edit the parameter and, very important! feel like one has a grasp of it. Must choose a HSSE preset with “NoteExp” at the name end I take it.
Wow, great stuff. Sounds very nice the Sax with noteExp vs. Static Pitchbend.
Hope this helps…good luck all.