Notehead colour does not work properly on linked notes

Hi there,
I’m using the red color in some note heads to mark clearly who is doing the melody in a Vocal score for several singers.
When a note is linked to another one in the next measure or part of the bar, the color is only applied to the first note.
¿Is there a way to applied the color to both notes at the same time? ¿Is there any hidden option in the properties panel that I’m not able to find? The only way I have found is to first use the scissors to separate both figures, and then write a slur between them manually, but it’s too tedious, and I think this problem is more a bug than a correct behaviour, am I wrong?

Maybe is more clear in the photo below.
Captura de pantalla 2019-12-29 12.08.52.png
Thanks in advance!

If you switch to Engrave mode, you can select each notehead in the tie chain individually and colour them that way. The current behaviour is the expected behaviour, though I agree it would be helpful if you could colour all of the noteheads in the tie chain from Write mode.

Thank you so much for the tip!

At any case, “propagate properties” is not working properly in the scores, do not ask me why?
I mean, that although I select the whole music in the score, and then I apply “Propagate Properties” in the Edit Menu, the color of the notes is not applied correctly in the parts. Some bars keep on untouched in black color although in the full score are in red. It’s pretty weird!

I would send to you those scores so that can take a look to see what’s going on them. But the songs belong to the new album of a well known english band, and I cannot do it because a confidentiality contract with his label company. But, as I have not find a solution, and I would like to find that solution for my next productions, when the album is released I will upload here some of those scores, just in case you can help me on this, although will be already late, hehe…

Thank you anyway, and Happy New Year!

What mode are you in when you Propagate Properties? And what mode were you in in order to modify those properties? The long and short of it is that if you’re trying to propagate properties that were changed from Engrave mode, you need to be in Engrave mode.

In fact, in the case of colouring notes, I believe those properties will propagate from Write mode as well. aqui, if you need any further assistance and want to send me the project file so I can take a look at it, you can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

How can you color note heads? I don’t see any options to color note heads in engrave mode.

To create a new color set, go to Engave menu > Edit Noteheads:

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So that’s three (3) posts with the very same question :frowning_face:

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Similarly to ‘Write’ mode, the color option is found in the left most panel of the ‘Properties’ drop-down.