Notehead sets before input (Dorico 5)

I’m puzzled over what must be a mistake on my part: I would assume that the notehead sets do not only allow me to edit already inputted notes but also to choose a notehead set from the start and then input notes with that set right away. However, I only see how to input the notes first in classical notation and then edit them by selecting the notehead set of my choice (right-click on the note and select from the menu). Am I right or what do I miss?
(By the way, the same goes with a stemless note, correct? I can only input it first and hide the stem afterwards?)

That is generally true, if I understand your questions correctly. Different noteheads and hidden elements must be set after entering standard notes. Of course, if you have a repeated rhythm with different pitches, you can copy and repitch.

The exception is slash voices.

I see. Thank you, Mark_Johnson, to clear this up for me!