Notehead/stem misalignment

In this example, the stems seem to emerge from the middle rather than the edge of the notehead, and it looks the same when printed out. (I am on a Mac.) Is there a setting I don’t know about to cure this?


Have you changed the music font, or altered the Notehead sets at all?

Try Setting the Music Font to whatever you’re using a second time (making sure you turn off the options to use default settings and fonts).

Thanks again Ben. I changed the music font and changed it back and that seems to have done the trick! Much appreciated!


FWIW, I’ve encountered this many times too, but I can’t figure out the sequence of events that causes it. In Engraving Options/Notes/Noteheads are you using the larger size noteheads? Or Default? I had sort of assumed that it was some sort of bug where the stem is attaching to where it should be in the Default noteheads, but still is somehow displaying the larger noteheads. Have any of the noteheads in your notehead sets been manually edited? As Ben points out, it’s pretty simple to fix, but I still would love to figure out the exact sequence of events that causes this.

I’ve discussed this with Daniel, in reference to changing the Music Font. While I’m not sure I can articulate exactly the cause (something to do with Dorico only updating the noteheads it uses), it’s a known thing and won’t happen in the future.