Noteheads disappeared, weird symbols everywhere

Hello to the Dorico team,

I clicked on a dorico file from someone else, whose fonts I don’t have installed, so the dialog popped up to specify replacement fonts. I clicked on cancel and since then, Dorico is completely unusable.

There are no noteheads, and things like time signatures appear as weird symbols. I have reinstalled Dorico completely (also the Components, which I’m re-downloading at the moment, but Halion Sonic shouldn’t make a difference to the look of Dorico) and it still persists, even on new files.
I have Bravura selected
and if I click on Notehead Dialog, it also doesn’t show the noteheads.

I’ll attach a diagnostics report also. Help would be appreciated :wink:

Best regards

Have you tried restarting your PC? Usually, that clears any font mishaps.

Also, try downloading the new Update 3.5.10, restart and see If that helps.

Thanks 6620, the restart did it!