Noteheads horizontal alignment

I am trying to adjust the horizontal position of Default noteheads (crossed), but I can get the desired result. I would like to make the stem touch the default notehead instead of the cross (avoiding the space between them). It doesn’t matter what I do in the notehead editor, Dorico keeps the horizontal position. The only way is to make the notead larger… Any ideas, please?
Thank you!

Just to be sure: Did you reposition the glyphs or adjust the stem attachment points? The latter should give you what you want.

Yes, I adjusted the stem attachment points, but no horizontal change, only vertical… It seems that dorico centers the note head, ignoring horizontal position of stem attachment points…

I’m not sure how you’re making those noteheads, since (to my recollection) there are no noteheads like that in Bravura, but I’ve mocked some up using the two slashed noteheads superimposed on each other, which you can see in the attached. Perhaps looking at the notehead set in this project will help you figure it out in your own project. (260 KB)

Excellent, Daniel, a very good idea!