Noteheads in German

Hi Everybody,

I want to use pitched Noteheads for a Project in School but Dorico only shows the english “B” instead of the German “H”. Is there a way to create a set of pitched noteheads in german? H, Es, Cis,… and so on…
any help is appreciated

Bravura doesn’t contain suitable noteheads for sharps and flats, but it does at least include noteheads for H instead of B. If you go to Library > Notehead Sets, choose the Pitched category, then select the Pitch Name Noteheads set, you can edit the three “B” noteheads to use the corresponding “H” notehead from the Note name noteheads category. Once you add the H notehead, set the Attachment settings to Middle Left.

As always Thank you so much Daniel. It took me a while, but I figured it out!