Hello. I am a researcher from Charles University in Prague and I write a comparison of notation software for music teacher. I downloaded Dorico in Trial Version and I can ask you: is possible to change type of note head for one note? It is important for choir notation - for example for entry a scream of acclamation syllables. Thanks for quick reply and help. In old replies for this articles i found, this function will in first version of Dorico through Properties, but i can not to find it there. Thanks. Martin.

Yes, you can do this: select the note whose notehead you want to change, then right-click and choose the desired notehead from the Noteheads submenu of the context menu.

As Daniel suggests, you will then see the attached screenshot of options. No cue notes yet, but that is coming in a future release, apparently as part of the ability to resize any object on the screen (so, worth waiting for…)