Noteoff is being triggered when I start playback?

It seems like whenever I start playback, a sweeping noteoff (I think) is being triggered messing up all of my key triggers.
I see the options in preferences->play to stop the noteoff message at the END of playback, but how can I disable the midi messages at the start of a playback.

I am forced to tack on the key triggers as grace notes ahead of passages otherwise they keeping being reset.
(The key triggers determine harp pedaling)

Any advice?

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There is no way to prevent Dorico from sending note off and controller reset messages when starting playback. If it didn’t do this, then it would not in general be possible to ensure that the correct dynamics, playing techniques, key switches etc. will be used during playback.

You can also use the ‘Reset’ switch type in the Expression Map editor which is sent at the start of playback to initialise the state of the plugin.

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All true - but Note-off doesn’t reset key triggers. Its just a note off - else you would have to insert the key trigger on every note since they all have one and even your grace note hack wouldn’t work. I think you can safely look at something else as the cause.

I don’t know where this discussion has been so I won’t say much more yet. Shot in the dark, is the behavior different when you start at the beginning?


The grace note hack is the only thing that DOES work.
I don’t mind the noteoff messages for notes that have been played. It’s just that the sweeping noteoff on all keys resets my settings.

The behavior is not different when I start at the beginning. Maybe you’re not understanding my question correctly or maybe I’m not understanding your response, but Daniel and Paul seem to have addressed my issue.

Unfortunately, at different positions in the score I have different key triggers, so an overarching [reset] setting wouldn’t do much in my case (e.g. I’d like to have the ability to start the piece at different points without reverting to the initial pedal configuration).

I understand. Do you have any idea how I could avoid having my key triggers reset otherwise? I don’t mind trying out stuff

I’ve been known to misunderstand a lot of things… :slight_smile: but what I’m saying is that it can’t be a problem with note-off per se unless every note you encounter results in a problem - since each of them sends a note-off when they end.

The all notes off at the beginning is just what it sounds like, but the VST of which I am aware are “sticky” in the sense that a key switch doesn’t go “off” just because you release a key (Note-off) - They stay where they are until they receive a new key switch somehow. That sounds like the reset Paul mentioned is being used, or your “normal” has one.

This you can’t do, unfortunately. I get it. Dorico doesn’t silently play all the previous notes (including key triggers) before it starts playing at an arbitrary point. If you get rid of the reset, It will stay in the last mode played (whether you want it too or not, sigh) but the sound would then depend on where you stopped.

Maybe the happiest option is to define a custom PT or two, something like “pd” or “pda” or whatever that invokes your key switches. Then you can temporarily insert the PT above any note or rest when you are working on a passage. I know its a workaround, but it seems a lot easier than entering or deleted a bunch of notes.

Keep or sweep as you wish.

The thing is, if I manually set my key triggers via pressing the keyboard PRIOR to starting the playback: all of my note triggers are reset because just before the playback starts, the sweeping noteoff message override the notes I just pressed on the keyboard. Hopefully this is a more clear explanation of my issue.

So far it looks like the only workable solution is my grace note hack… It’s fine. There’s worse things